Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Duxbury

Third molars, also known as wisdom teeth, usually emerge between the ages of 17 to 25 and can create a domino effect that negatively impacts your oral health. Crowding, misalignment, and infection are just a few of the complications that may develop if wisdom teeth start to progress incorrectly.

At Branca Oral Surgery, we remove impacted or worrisome third molars to alleviate any discomfort or concern that a patient may be feeling. Utilizing the latest in dental technology and modern techniques, our Duxbury dentist, Dr. Glenn A. Branca, helps preserve patients’ oral health and maintain a beautiful smile.


Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal

While there are infrequent cases of third molars developing without complications, most people require them to be extracted. This is due to the jaw being unable to accommodate the new additions, and causing the following issues:

Infection is a common concern with impacted wisdom teeth as patients may be unable to reach the area with basic at-home dental care. Emerging teeth are more susceptible to bacteria, and being at the back of the smile, third molars make surrounding teeth and gums vulnerable to infection.

Damage to surrounding teeth frequently happens due to the lack of appropriate space causing wisdom teeth to collide with the second molars.  As the third molars continuously lean against their neighboring teeth, each gradually becomes worn down until neither are functional.

Misalignment occurs due to the inability to accommodate wisdom teeth within the smile. As third molars begin to emerge, they can shift neighboring teeth leading to malocclusions such as crowding and crooked teeth.

At Branca Oral Surgery, Dr. Glenn does all he can to ensure patient comfort and maintain their smile. He only recommends extraction after examining the patient’s dental anatomy and determining their oral health meets the practice’s procedure requirements.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction at Branca Oral Surgery

Our Duxbury team wants to make sure our patients are at ease with the treatment they are receiving. When patients are in need of third molar extraction, we sit down with them and thoroughly discuss the procedure to provide them a sense of confidence when moving forward.  Our practice has sedation options to ensure the surgery is comfortable and does not increase a patient’s dental anxiety. Once wisdom teeth are removed, we provide the patient with post-op instructions to avoid complications developing during recovery.

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For more information regarding wisdom teeth and the extraction process, call us at Branca Oral Surgery in Duxbury. Dr. Branca wants to help preserve your smile and maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime.



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